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Morristown Covenant Academy - Staff

By Administrator on February 5, 2008- Return Home - Morristown Covenant Academy

Debra Cooper Debra Cooper
Principal / High School Teacher
Ext. 402
Mrs. Cooper is one of the founders of the academy and presently serves as a full-time teacher and the principal of MCA. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from USA in Mobile and a Master of Arts in ESL from Carson Newman. She has taught in both the public and private sectors for over forty years and feels a strong call to Christian education. Mrs. Cooper is primarily involved with middle and high school students in teaching language arts, mathematics, and French.


imageLora Hodge
Kindergarten Teacher
Ext. 405
Ms. Hodge is a native East Tennessean who attended Cherokee High School and Walters State Community College pursuing a degree in social work.  When she began raising a family, her interest shifted to caring for and teaching young children.  She has invested years in ministry to children at church and in other arenas.  In 2012 she joined us as a teaching assistant in the kindergarten class, and we are pleased to announce that she will now bring her creativity and her nurturing heart to the kindergarten class  as the teacher.


Angel FieldenAngel Fielden
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 401
Angel, a graduate of Covenant Academy, orchestrates the day-to-day activities of the school and is one of the first faces people see when they join our MCA family.  She coordinates special events and fundraising activities and carries out the administrative functions of the school. Angel also serves as the receptionist and secretary for Gateway Church.  We are truly grateful for her servant’s heart and her skill as an administrator.  She is a gracious and caring member of our staff.


Melvina Miller
Lower Elementary School Teacher
Ext. 403
Mrs. Miller is a graduate of Tusculum College with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and certification in grades K – 8.  She has worked with middle school students as a special education resource assistant at John Sevier Middle School.  In 2012, she took over our third and fourth grade classroom for the fourth quarter and did such a fantastic job that we were excited to invite her to join the staff.  Combining her considerable creativity, organizational skills, and academic expertise, she always gives our lower elementary students an exciting and productive educational experience.


Wayne SmithWayne Smith
Elementary School Teacher
Ext. 408
Mr. Smith has returned to education after spending several years working in industry as a human resources manager and product supervisor. His bachelor of science in education is from the University of Tennessee, and his experience teaching includes eleven years in the Hamblen County School system where he taught grades four through six. He brings humor and a quiet sense of authority to the elementary classroom, and we are pleased to have him on staff at Covenant Academy.  He also serves as a member of the school board.




Adam CooperAdam Cooper
High School Teacher
Ext. 305
Mr. Cooper, a graduate of Covenant Academy, holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Tennessee Technological University. Adam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his high school math and science classes. An anointed pastor and teacher, he also oversees our chapel program; in addition, he serves as a technical advisor and assistant principal for the school and is,along with his wife, a member of the school board.