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Morristown Covenant Academy - Day School K4 – 12

By Administrator on February 5, 2008- Return Home - Morristown Covenant Academy

Covenant Academy has been an active ministry of Gateway Church since 1985. The school was founded to offer a Christ-centered educational opportunity to families who see that as a viable and valuable alternative to secular public education. In addition to biblical values, the academy places a high degree of importance on academic achievement. Our students have graduated to go on to universities and colleges from West Point to Walters State and to become successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and citizens. We emphasize finding the individual “bent” of each child and preparing him/her to be a responsible, productive contributor and leader in that arena. The academy offers three diplomas: an academic diploma, a general diploma, and a vocational diploma. The vast majority of our students go on to a university, but we have also sent graduates into apprenticeships for particular trades or technical fields. We see ourselves as providing a solid foundation for a child to build on after he leaves us, no matter what direction he might choose to go.

We are state-approved through TANAS, an organization for private, Christian schools in the state of Tennessee, as a Category IV Church-Related School. The academy seeks to hire qualified, degreed teachers who see the work they do as ministry and are unselfishly devoted to the children they teach. We are also served by a number of volunteers from our church and the community who offer their individual areas of expertise to enrich our program.

Our primary mission is to MAKE DISCIPLES.

Make Disciples

Nondiscriminatory Policy: Morristown Covenant Academy students are accepted on the basis of available classroom space and approval by the administrative staff and/or School Board. Morristown Covenant Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race or gender for students.